House of Mercy Church Kendal | Meet Jesus In His Resurrection Power!

Hallgarth Community Church, Kendal.

The 'House of Mercy' welcomes you!

If you long for somewhere to enjoy and worship GOD in real liberty, this is the right place. Plus if you need prayer that works, or are even seeking a home church you're very welcome to visit!

Would you like to receive from God?

It is amazing that many people pray, yet so many do not receive answers to their prayers. People share this with us when they come for help. Of course we don't know about your experience, perhaps you have had similar results in the past?

Have you ever wondered why this is so? If so we will seek to explain why and how you can pray and receive answers to your prayers, quickly. This is because Jesus rose from the dead and is alive forever... one reason being to help make sure you get answers when you pray!

Praise GOD with us in Kendal!